_The Shenanigans_

Shenanigans.jpgFast Trader, Type A3
A stripped down version of the Far Trader, the A3 gives up some its cargo space in favour of more powerful drive and better manoeuvrability. In areas where raiders or pirates lurk, this extra turn of speed can make all the difference.

From page 42 of Traders & Gunboats – Classic Traveller

“She might not look like much, kid, but she’s got it where it counts.”

Han Solo, Star Wars: A New Hope

This description of The Shenanigans doesn’t do it justice. The ship is around 200 years old and has been through both the good times and bad. The Shenanigans, has had a couple of names in her lifetime. When Alexis Sterling obtained her, the vessel was named the HighnDry. However, her original name was the Aces Eight, and was captained by Horace Herbatken during the early forming of the Third Imperium and the Solomani Rim War as a Blockade Runner. In fact, Horace Herbatken’s original log and ship registration papers are still kept on the bridge.

Shenanigans_Stats.jpgOver the past 200 years, The Shenanigans has had numerous modifications and upgrades. In fact, it’s astrogation computer has never been wiped, though the numerous port technicians have stated that this is due to a “bug in the system.” The reality is that The Shenaniganshas had a Conscious Intelligence installed or the computer has simply gained sentience on it’s own. The AI has taken the name of the ship and has thus far remained silent as to it’s new crew, but there have been hints of it’s existence. Whether the AI will reveal itself fully or continue to offer mild guidance is anyone’s guess.

The last owners of The Shenanigans did not leave her in a very good state of repair. The ship was found with an abandoned Tensher’s Wolf on board, which Tamar Anhkeny has adopted, and parts of the computer completely disassembled. However, once the parts were reassembled it became clear that The Shenanigans had been updated with a sensor package usually found on Scout Class vessels. This allows The Shenanigans to do triple duty as a trader, scout, or pirate. The previous crew had also added a double-turret with Beam Lasers. Alexis Sterling has since added a second turret with a Sandcaster and a Missile Rack.

Despite a number of refits, Shenanigans has a few quirks. The ship came into Sterling’s possession with concealed smuggling compartments. Shenanigans suffers a DM-1 to all repair attempts and a DM-1to Electronics (Sensors) checks. The ship is blacklisted in many ports throughout the Spinward Marches but usually sails unmolested in the Trojan Reach.

_The Shenanigans_

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